Tailored Financial Planning

At Delta Financial Advisors, Inc., we never take a one-size fits all approach. To create effective customized financial strategies, we offer our clients the following services:

Financial Planning

We offer independent financial planning services to help you asses your current situation, identify your goals, and develop appropriate strategies to reach those goals. Together we create a comprehensive plan that takes your entire financial picture into account, or we can tailor the plan to a specific goal or issue.  

We help you identify suitable investments and facilitate trades. Our brokerage services fit clients with up to $250,000 in manageable assets and who are serious about investing. Brokerage services are compensated through commissions, which vary by product.
Investment Advisory Services
Clients who desire continuing investment advice and asset management services tailored to the dynamics of the market and their continually changing circumstances are an ideal fit for these services. We research many available strategies and managers to deliver appropriate and continuing investments counseling. For ongoing advice and service we are compensated by charging fees as a percentage of assets under management. This service and fee structure allows continued flexibility for those individuals with greater than $250,000 in investments.
Net Worth / Target Goals

Tracking net worth is an important step in charting a clients financial progress. Net worth is the equity available to an individual after subtracting out the amount owed against an asset valuation. It is a calculation of your net financial resources available at a stated period in time, and is an important barometer of your overall financial health. Like a company balance sheet, changes in net worth are an important indicator of wealth accumulation or changes in wealth.

Tracking client target goals is also an important means of measuring your financial process. We help each client identify and prioritize their goals according to their circumstances, whether the goal is to accumulate a target amount for college tuition, develop retirement income streams, transfer a business, plan for long-term health care, or change their primary residence.

Tax Analysis
Utilizing recognized strategies to manage taxation requirements and help maximize tax savings adds to our clients resources, and accelerates their progress toward achieving their financial goals. We analyze your circumstances and advise you on relevant tax consequences as part of developing your overall investment strategy to help maximize your investment potential.
The filing of an individual tax return is the validation process for good financial planning. After your tax plan is established, Beverly A. Fischetti, CPA offers convenient tax preparation services.
Core Planning / SVC Packages
Insurance coverage and risk analysis, long term care insurance analysis, qualified plan analysis and allocation, tax planning strategies, and employee benefits analysis all offered at no additional charge to Goldand Platinum Service Package Members.