Delta Financial Advisors, Inc. Planning Process

Delta 5 Step Process

Step 1 - Personalization
So that we can provide the best advice possible, we collect your current financial and personal information. For your convenience, we provide forms to help you collect the data.

Once we have received the data, we meet with you. The purpose of this meeting is to get know each other, discuss your financial circumstances and goals as well as answer your questions. We also look for any additional data that may be needed.
Step 2 - Fiscal Design
We analyze the data available to develop a strategy which we feel is best suited to achieve your goals and objectives.
Step 3 - Presentation
At our meeting we will present Statement of Analysis and Recommendation. Every aspect of this report is discussed in detail. You will be encouraged to ask questions and provided support for the strategy so that you can be comfortable and confident with all recommendations.
Step 4 - Implementation
We will provide the paperwork necessary and assist you in its completion to implement the agreed up recommendations. We will process this paperwork and implement the recommendations in a timely manner.
Step 5 - Review
Changes in your personal circumstances, legislation, and market conditions are a few of the factors that can affect your progress toward your financial goals. It is important that you and focused on your progress toward your goals and that they are reviewed and monitored often.